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We can all be overwhelmed sometimes and go looking for something external to fill us up, when in reality all we need to do is go within and fill that gap with self-love

One of my gifts is being able to help people focus on self love

Imagine what it would be like to love yourself enough …
Enough to take time out for you without feeling selfish.
Enough to forgive yourself for all those times you doubted who you really are
Enough to be able to sit in contemplation and be truly happy with your life

For 15 years I worked first in the NHS as a counsellor and then the education system, teaching social and emotional health, however over this time I became very disillusioned with the system and its tick box approach.

I lost all the joy of what my work was about and became ill.

In 2012 I started writing the love letters to strangers and then to myself and began
opening up to what my soul really needed to know

I left the education environment in 2014 knowing the only way I could be me again was to

truly listen to what my body needed deep down in my soul

Over the last few years I have been on a journey of falling in love with myself and have healed on both an emotional and physical level. Through developing a loving relationship with myself I have been able to heal and to enjoy an enriched life again. Although I still have physical damage to my body, the relationship with my body and it’s response to that damage has changed and I believe this is something that is possible for anyone to achieve.

Over this time I have gathered a huge toolbox of ways to help people heal the relationship with themselves, I am a certified personal peformance life coach, a certified card reader, a Reiki master teacher and have trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

It is now recognised by scientists that negativity affects your immune system, there is so much research going on about how our thoughts are affecting our bodies. Dr Bruce Lipton has discovered that our thoughts affect us on a cellular level not only affecting the way our body behaves but the way our genes and DNA can affect our personal biology.

All this personal experience has led me to create my unique Soul Love ReGrowth sessions.

Kind words...

“I felt safe and was reassured by Sam’s comforting words. I trusted in Sam’s guidance in what was a deep release. The matter I was releasing was a deeply embedded pattern which has had a very strong influence on my life. I was quite vague about the matter. Sam helped me to get to the root of the cause and be very specific and precise with what it was I wanted to release.” Anthony – Brighton

“I did originally have some doubts about the session going into it. But I found my reading to be extremely accurate and very helpful. Afterwards I felt a sense of comfort and wellbeing. Also the tapping healing did really work, and continues to help me during stressful situations. I would recommend anyone to open your mind and give it a try” Jenni – London

“Sam is effective, consistent, assuring and skillful, making me think of points I could never have thought of before” Emilia B. – London

 Soul ReGrowth sessions are holistic sessions focused on self-love


Over zoom/skype we delve into what you feel is blocking you from fully embracing self-love.
Using a combination of tools we can help bust through those blocks,  I will gently coach you through what's happening for you then use EFT tapping to find where the block is being held in the body, we then dissolve that block with Reiki energy using the loving assistance of your Angels and guides.

Soul ReGrowth £100


Not sure if this is for you? Book a free soul expansion call with me and explore how your soul wants to expand
It's more than just finding out what the angels want you to know and then releasing it through EFT,
it's a step towards replenishing your soul, we unpick how you feel through some empowering questions
and I help you dissolve where the energy is blocked in your body,

That's how you fall in love with yourself on a deeper level.



Are you ready to tune into the Divine being of Love that you are?


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