"Sam’s angel reading was magical. Each card showed me so clearly where I am on my path, what needs my attention and what supports me right now. It gave me confirmation, focus and trust. Sam is a light, loving and insightful reader."

Karin Bosveld (Netherlands)


"I encourage everyone, including an intuit like myself, to venture outside their box for perspective. Sam’s readings are surrounded by love and light, and each insight brings clarity, encouragement, and inspiration. After my session, I felt inspired and was able to see my path more clearly."

Lesley Wexler (Libertyville, IL)


After attending an online Masterclass Sam gave in a Facebook group we are in together, I was intrigued by her combination of working with the angels and EFT. I had some experience with EFT in the past and decided it didn't work for me, but during the Masterclass I already felt something else happening. I had been doing the EFT thing "wrong" all this time!
So I booked a session with Sam, and the cards she pulled were so amazing and so spot on. I didn't go to the session with a particular question, but soon enough the theme revealed itself, and that was about me feeling unsafe to truly and freely express myself. At least, the deeper part of me, the big vision and dreams, my amazing gifts.
After the card reading she wrote a clearing statement and then we went ahead on the tapping session. And at one point I really could feel things happening in my body! I started yawning and burping. I felt this pressure I had been having on my third eye lifted of. And I felt really freed after the session.
The next morning, when I woke up, I had muscle aches! Especially in my abdomen. It felt like having done a really intense yoga session.

So yes, I am convinced now EFT works, and I love how Sam combines this with the angel energy and she is just a lovely person to work with. Light, authentic. I highly recommend booking a session with her! She just IS love
Diana van Trijffel-Pak - Intuitive Animal Communicator and Healer at HeartMessages Netherlands

I had a session with Sam online.
I felt immediately at ease in Sam’s presence despite her being London while I was in Brighton. It felt as though she was by my side as she began to guide me into the moment, out of my mind and into my heart.
I felt safe and was reassured by Sam’s comforting words. I trusted in Sam’s guidance in what was a deep release. The matter I was releasing was a deeply embedded pattern which has had a very strong influence on my life. I was quite vague about the matter. Sam helped me to get to the root of the cause and be very specific and precise with what it was I wanted to release.
Sam was patient and thorough as we worked through the pattern. I felt deep emotions rise to the surface, I was aware I needed to allow this to naturally arise. Sam gave me space to allow me to process. Sam constantly checked in with me to see where I was at, how I was feeling, this allowed me to go deeper into my emotions.
There was such a deep release I identified another pattern that was beneath the original one so we released this too. I felt an energetic release and a space opened up within my being as this energy lifted from me.
As we ended the session Sam gave me aftercare guidance, which ensured I felt safe to end the session. I felt a big clearing in my life as a result of the session I realise I needed to continue owning my process with follow up work. Thank you Sam.
Anthony - Brighton

Since I had EFT in November I have not touched a drop of coke neither have I been tempted! My caffeine consumption is next to nil! Amazing - I'll see you soon
Charlotte - Kent

I did originally have some doubts about the session going into it. But I found my Angel reading to be extremely accurate and very helpful. Afterwards I felt a sense of comfort and wellbeing. Also the tapping healing did really work, and continues to help me during stressful situations. I would recommend anyone to open your mind and give it a try.
Jenni - London

Coaching with Sam has changed my life! Working to develop my confidence, relationships and career prospects has helped me to set goals and provide the opportunity to reflect. I have grown into a better version of myself as a result of my coaching sessions."
Irfan - London

Sam is effective, consistent, assuring and skillful, making me think of points I could never have thought of before her coaching.
Emilia B. - London

I enjoyed having time to think about where I am in life and where I want to be. I liked learning about the science side of things, how positive/negative thinking affects health"
Louise I – London

Sam is a very determined personal coach. I felt her support 100%. I love that she is very dedicated and focused. With her help I could see my priorities crystal-clear and focus on my goal.
Eleonora - New YorkEleonora – New York

Having coaching with Sam, I have had the opportunity to nurture my approach to my own personal development and become more positive overall.
Louise S – London

A session with Sam is well worth it!! She uses her intuition along with Angel cards to really get at the root of the problem then brings in EFT to clear the issues away in a kind and understanding matter
Kelley – London