When was the last time you told yourself I love you?

Join the self love letter challenge and experience the power of self love

Writing love letters can make such a difference to your life.
Join the 5 day challenge and realise the power of self love.

Each day you will receive an email prompt from me to write your letter

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You only need 10 -15 minutes a day for the challenge.

"Self-love cannot be high enough on your agenda. Sam's Love Letter challenge is such a beautiful daily reminder, and such a joyful way of accessing that loving wise voice inside. Daily balm to the soul – I recommend it!" Karin Bosveld

Embracing Self Love can lead to

Deeper connection with others ~ fill your own cup and it will overflow to others

Improved health~ Saying I Love You releases endorphins which boost the immune system

Increased happiness ~ you are more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices

Join me on this path of self love and fall in love with yourself on a deeper level

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I'm ready to love!

Who would have known that writing a love letter to yourself every day for 5 days would be so useful?  I found the whole experience easy to do with the guidance of the lovely Sam who is truly motivational and inspiring.  With a daily email to my inbox and the supportive facebook group it really was enjoyable and I look forward to more.  Thanks Sam for allowing me to self care with writing beautiful love letter to myself and falling in love with me again Elyse G Rogers

What other people are saying about the challenge...

I wrote mine yesterday and I was surprised how easy the words just kept coming. I loved it. It was like my soul was writing it. And I gave my self some good advice. I was also surprised by something I wrote about a challenge in my life. I was doubting something about that and now there it was on my paper hahaha. When I read it out lout to my husband it brought me to tears. Magical really magical. Thank you Sam. Now I'm about to write my next letter. Looking forward to it

I just want to say today that I'm loving the challenge! It is really powerful to start the day with a love letter - I am thrilled by the ease with which those loving words flow from my pen. It's a real connection to that loving divine spirit that resides in all of us but that it's so easy to loose sight of in the demanding, distressing society we live in. Thank you for the inspiration Sam

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