About Me

P10A3369 Copy minHi I’m Sam and I’m from London.

In 2012 I started writing anonymous love letters and leaving them in the hospital when I went for physiotherapy, I have an auto-immune condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis and at the time I was quite unwell with the dis-ease. I had been writing these letters several times a week and one day I was writing and it was almost as if it was coming through me, I wasn’t really consciously aware of what I was writing. When I read the letter back I realised I had been writing to myself! All this time I had been saying everything is going to be ok and you are loved to others, I was really saying it to me. 

I have discovered so many of us look for love outside of ourselves… I will be happy when I buy this thing or I will be happy when I have achieved this… those things are great but they are temporary. We are looking for something to fill that part in us that wants an inner calm. It’s already there, you just need to connect in with it. One of my gifts is being able to help people create calm.

Over the last few years I have been through a process of falling in love with myself and healing myself emotionally and physically. Even though I still have physical damage to my body the way I respond to it has changed. Along the way I have gathered a huge toolbox of ways to help people heal the relationship with themselves. I want everyone to feel the power of calm that I have experienced.

One of my superpowers is helping people achieve calm, whether that has been talking to people at events and creating calm without trying or taking a more considered approach and getting people to a space of calm. 

Through an evolving process I developed a unique approach called Calm Up I use a mixed modality approach, using a combination of tools we can help bust through those blocks, I will gently coach you through what's happening for you and we can call in your higher guidance, use EFT tapping and Reiki, or use a more practical approach to what you need.

Calm is not just for other people, it’s also for you, it’s in all of us and you can access it too.

I trained as a counsellor over 20 years ago and also worked in education for 14 years, since 2012 I have trained as a life coach, EFT practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Healer. However, none of the 'qualifications' really matters, what I know is that creating an inner calm is the most powerful healing of all.